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have you had a revit model prepared from survey data

Have you had Revit Model prepared from survey data?


If you have, chances are that you commissioned it for an architectural or heritage documentation purpose. It may be that it became a base for some refurbishments or planning works.

What else could the model do for you? How might you extract additional value from your significant investment?

You may be surprised to learn that your Revit Model is in fact a graphical representation of your assets. Items modelled in Revit, form a part of a data base to which attributes can be attached. Each part of the model is reflected in that database.


For example, a schedule of building materials and other asset data is already modelled into Revit and can be readily extracted for use by others.


In may respects the Revit model is a type of Asset model as well as being an architectural or engineering (MEP) model











The model and the data extraction can help simplify the question of “what assets do we have? “ and enable others such as quantity surveyors, analysts and accountants to work with pure quantities directly from the survey model.


The database within your model can be opened up to more users by its integration into a Geographic Information System (GIS). This enables other georeferenced data and the model data to be held in the same pot and interact together.


With the expansion of access, the system can accommodate new information such as purchase date, supplier colour code, maintenance schedule or anything else to be readily added and updated.


Your model should be considered as an investment in understanding your building and assist in the way the assets are managed and maintained. The extension to the GIS interface is a worthwhile investment as it grants ease of access to many users without the need for specialist cad and Revit skills.


Your model can be used for other purposes besides that for which it was originally commissioned, and you can extract additional value from your initial model readily.


If you would like to discuss any of this in any detail, or would just like to have a chat about it please feel free to contact us on 02 9056 1900 or email us at

Mar 13 2022 . 2 Min

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