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Geographical information system

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In todays highly interconnected society, the need to collate data from multiple proprietary sources across a variety of project teams is paramount. Connecting information from geospatial, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical and building systems with the goal of developing smart buildings and smart cities is where Graphical Information Systems come into their own. GIS facilitates the creation of a centralised design environment, supporting a 'system of systems', that offers stakeholders a range of solutions, from managing a buildings performance to storing and organising component information.

We at Clement & Reid can combine the survey verified Building Information Model, as-built documentation and building management systems to create a centralised smart building solution within a GIS platform. 

Time & cost savings achieved by delivering straight into a 3D parametric BIM-ready environment.

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Reduces errors increases productivity

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High accuracy as-built verified survey data

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NSW Spatial Digital Twin Ready

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Clash Detection (Proposed vs Existing)

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Located on survey control and linked to survey

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Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality

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