Land Development in NSW is a multi staged process of taking land to its highest and best use.  In general terms, approval is required at the first stage, then documentation and construction after another approval, and finally subdivision to create new titles.

The Subdivisions and Surveys Business Unit of Project Surveyors has specialised staff with the necessary experience to take you through the entire process.

The unit is experienced in preparing Statement of Environmental Effects for subdivision and project managing the project.

Project Surveyors have been involved in Land Development projects in;

  • The North West Release Area

  • The South West Release Area

  • Many infill subdivisions through out the Sydney area

We have developed a booklet (attached below) to help you navigate through the sometimes murky waters of developing land in NSW.


Joseph Frasca

Joseph is the Director of Business Development and is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best possible outcomes.

Office: 9056 1900 mobile: 0425 298 888 email:

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