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A cautionary tale arises from a recent project involving a small infill subdivision creating residential lots within Greater Sydney. Despite having obtained the necessary approvals, this project encountered significant setbacks and financial burdens due to the inexperience of the contractor chosen to undertake the subdivision works.

However, troubles began to emerge when we were asked to conduct an as-built survey of the completed works. It became evident that the construction on-site had deviated significantly from the original design, disregarding minimum grades and overall design intent.

Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that crucial aspects were neglected. Services for the lots had not been installed and the retaining wall was lacking the integrity of a Structural Engineer's design and inspection.

July 12 2023. 4 Min

Due Diligence – Survey and Planning

due diligence.PNG

Due Diligence seeks to answer the question “What development can I propose and is there anything that may prohibit that?"

Due Diligence is a term we hear frequently. It may be described as an exercise of care or discovery that a person is normally expected to take before entering into an agreement or contract for the interest or purchase of land

May 16 2022. 2 Min

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Survey Revit Model


Have you had Revit Model prepared from survey data?


If you have, chances are that you commissioned it for an architectural or heritage documentation purpose. It may be that it became a base for some refurbishments or planning works.

What else could the model do for you? How might you extract additional value from your significant investment?

Mar 13 2022. 2 Min

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Cova Project.jpg

The Cova Project

For May, Project Surveyors decided to focus our monthly staff get together around giving. The Cova Project is a charity dedicated to providing medical supplies to women of reproductive age all across the developing world. Ensuring much needed menstrual cups to girls who may not have access to basic sanitary products. 

May 19 2021 . 2 Min

Mens Health Week

Mens Health Week.jpg

Our June staff get together focused around Men's Health Week. With 50% of our staff being men, we see that often men push their health to the side in order to get a job done. We feel it is important to remind them that it is essential they look after themselves. Project Surveyors encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Jun 14 2021 . 2 Min

Harmony Week


Harmony Week celebrates Australia's cultural diversity. It's about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Harmony Week at Project Surveyors had us all bringing in some delicious food from our home nations. We are blessed to have a multitude of nationalities within the company, not only for the great food but for the diversity of perspectives in the workplace.

Mar 24 2021 . 2 Min

After a long year of Covid restrictions and the majority of our workforce working from home it was fantastic to have everyone out for a day of lawn bowls at The Greens in North Sydney. 

Mike Morgan, James Boesel and Peter Bellingham took home the winning trophy.

Christmas Party

Dec 9 2020 . 2 Min

Lawn Bowls.jpg
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