What We Do

Our business is diverse with the ability to formulate a workable solution to Land Development and Digital asset representation problems. Fundamentally, we measure things and represent the real world in innovative ways to suit the needs of the next user. We listen to your unique requirements and design a solution for you.

Our collaborative approach has resulted in an award winning business, coupled with innovation and our dynamic nature allows us to consistently deliver to our client’s expectations. Clients come to us for a personalised service, a solution to problems, reaction to needs and our understanding of your business.


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Land Surveying


Strata Plans

Easement Plans

Land Titling

PCA Surveys

Construction Surveying

Detail & Level Surveys

Dilapidation Surveys


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Laser scanning

3D BIM Modelling

Topographic surveys

Work As Executed Surveys

2D Deliverables

3D Deliverables

Data Capture

Civil Surfaces

In ceiling scanning

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Town Planning

Statement of Environmental Effects

Due Diligence Assessments (Land Purchase)

Planning Reports for Acquisitions/Valuations

Demolition Statements

Dilapidation Reports

Land Acquisition


Project Coordination

All Land Development including subdivisions

Council Development Applications including Land Acquisition


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