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land surveying

Our Land Surveying team can assist you in the following services: 

Please contact Jonathan for all your land surveying needs

Jonathan Saxon BW.jpg

Jonathan Saxon

Managing Director

Business Unit Director - Development & Land Titling

BSurv (UNSW), MMgt (MGSM)

 FISNSW   Hon Fellow SSSI

Registered Land Surveyor

Jonathan Saxon has over 30 years experience in the surveying industry, spanning land subdivisions and planning, part building strata subdivisions, strata plans, stratum subdivisions, PCA surveys and expert witness functions.

A Registered Land Surveyor in NSW, Jonathan Saxon also holds a Master of Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Managment.

Jonathan has held industry positions including Treasurer, Institution of Surveyors NSW President Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute and President Institute of Surveyors Australia. Through these roles, and within the business, Jonathan has demonstrated negotiation skills and the ability to anticipate future problems by thinking beyond the issues of today.

Currently Jonathan sits on the Digital Plans Industry Committee - a group established by government to increase uptake of digital plans for NSW and reduce timescales for development processes.

Land surveying is the long-standing core of the business and the foundation upon which all other services we offer rest. From the business's inception we have specialised in the not so straight forward aspects of land surveying. 

With a number of Registered Land Surveyors within Project Surveyors, problems can be readily identified and solved. Titling advice for simple or complex land developments can be provided in a simple and easy to understand manner.

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Strata + Stratum Subdivision

Strata and Stratum titling can often be used to subdivide buildings and land where a typical Torrens Titling system is not applicable. We can provide assistance whether your development is a large high rise or small duplex.

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Detail + Level Surveys

Detail Surveys are required by engineers, architects, councils and planners at the beginning of any development to inform the preliminary design process and deliver the most informed development application possible.

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Land Titling + Subdivision

Project Surveyors provides a wide range of expertise in Land Titling matters. Our team of Registered Land Surveyors are well versed in identification reports, boundary peg outs and reports, certificate of Titling Investigations and reports and more.

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Underground Service Detection

Identify and map underground utilities and services routes including Gas, Water, Telecommunications, Electricity, Stormwater and Sewer. 

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NLA + GLA Surveys

NLA and GLA surveys are the most common methods of calculating floor area calculations. Whether it's a warehouse, high rise office, supermarkets or shopping malls Project Surveyors can lend our expertise to obtaining accurate field data.

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Construction Set Out

Construction surveying involves the positioning and set out of key building elements. Setting out these elements is required from primary site establishment to the final identification and verification of completed buildings/structures. 

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