High definition reality capture, or as it's more commonly known, laser scanning, is the rapid and unobtrusive method of capturing a large amount of 3 dimensional measurements. Primarily used for as-builts surveys the method of survey has many other applications such as clash detection surveys, volumetric surveys, space planning, asset mapping and facilities management and virtual tours.

There are a number of tools that can utilise laser scanning. Terrestrial Laser Scanners, Drones, Handheld Scanners, LIDAR and Mobile Scanning Systems all use laser scanning to produce survey data. At Project Surveys we have a suite of Leica Terrestrial Laser Scanners to suit a wide range of site conditions. To carry out the surveyors, one of our technicians will visit the site and position the scanner at key points throughout the facility, as long as there are clear unobstructed site lines the scanners will capture everything. To capture all aspects of the job the technician may have to carry out a large number of 'scans'. The more complex the site the more scans will be required. The laser scanners fire out a pulse of lasers which record millions of individual xyz coordinates relative to the scanners position. Imagery can also be requested, which applied rgb values to each coordinate, allowing materials and finishes to be determined. 

Projects can range from just a small number of scans to thousands, depending on the size and complexity of the facility being captured. 

From field to delivery

Laser Scanning

Mobile Laser Scanning

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UAV Surveys

Underground Services Detection

Field Data Processing





Our reality capture team have expertise in a wide range of services that include:

Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Scan to Building Information Models (BIM)

Mobile Laser Scanning


UAV Surveys

2D Documentation, Floor Plans, Elevations etc.

Underground Service Detection

High Definition Detail Surveys



Renovation and Restoration Projects

Residential + Commercial

Space Planning

Industrial / Plant

Clash Detection Surveys


Volumetric Surveys

Transport + Infrastructure

Inform BIM (Building Information Models)


Inform GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Shadow Analysis


Circular Quay Renewal

Reality Capture


North Sydney Urban Model

Reality Capture


High definition reality capture was undertaken throughout the Circular Quay Precinct. This included both above and below the suspended decks.

LIDAR data and Terrestrial Laser Scanning was utilised to capture ground level detail & city wide detail to produce a large scale model.

Locomotive Stores

Reality Capture


Mirvac partnered with Sissons Architects engaged Project Surveyors to carry out a laser scan to BIM survey of the 6 acre site.

Please contact Nathan for all your reality capture needs

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Nathan Milligan

Business Unit Director - 

Spatial Information Capture


Registered Land Surveyor


02 9056 1900

Nathan has been with Project Surveyors since 2000 and currently manages the Reality Capture division with the business. A Registered Land Surveyor specialising in laser scanning and 3D data processing, Nathan brings a high degree of accuracy and attention to the operations and has represented the business at a multitude of international events such as the 2019 HxGN Live Conference in Las Vegas.

Nathan is an active professional within the surveying industry and is a member of the Institute of Surveyors NSW. He has achieved recognition throughout his career and was awarded the Surveyor General award for Professional Training Agreements in 2005 from the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information.

Other Notable Awards Include

 - 2019 Technical Excellence Award for the Circular Quay Renewal Project at the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards.

 - 2014 & 2015 awards for Extra Dimension and Innovation categories in the NSW Surveying and Spatial Information Awards.

 - 2015 Sir Thomas Mitchell Award at the Surveying and Spatial Information Awards.